Monday, January 23, 2006

Tools section

Maureen Leeland is here...
Workplace Designer demo. This is a great product. Even though I have stronger admin skills, I can't wait to go back and work with this product...
You can mix and match JavaScript and Lotus formula language. Nice!
Ouch! Maureen's demo blew up.
Next version of Workplace Designer on Eclipse.
It will have AJAX in it.

Battery is about dead... Sorry more later...

Workplace goodness...

Workplace Managed Client( WMC) 2.6 is shipping as of today!
Workplace Collaboration Services = WCS
Workplace demo. Document Manager navigation thru Windows Explorer.

Crap...I only have 17% battary left...

WMC has Productivity Tools that allows you to work with MS Office files and the OpenOffice standards.
Now it's a Workplace Blah Blah Blah demo...

Now comes the 'Tools' section...

4000 enterprises on WS Portal

Just a reminder that last month, IBM/Lotus bought Bowstreet
Bowstreet Portlet Factory demo...
Alistair Renne is here to talk about Workplace

Still with Opening Session

Here comes Portal stuff...


With purchase of PureEdge, Lotus can do forms..
Engineer guy...
Demo of Workplace Forms...and Forms Designer... Yea, scan in a form, pick the fields, and you can make a wizard to fill it in...
Integration of this with WS Portal... You can manipulate what you do with this. and you can digitally sign it and it locks it down...
You can imbed the form in a Notes Applicaton!!!

More stuff

8 of 10 top banks worldide use Sametime
8 of 10 pharmaceutical companies use ST
3 of 4 most profitable companies use ST

Mike's got more...

Craig Hayman, VP of Development and Technical Support is here. Here come Sametime 7.5 annoucement.
Rich text
time stamps
dancing gifs
photo business cards
typeahead searching
voice chat
VoIP (as good as Skype)
Built on Eclipse!
A bunch of companies announce integration with Sametime
Avaya, Polycom, Nortel, Siemens, Tandberg
Sametime Web Conferencing....any protocol to any protocol... enterprise to enterprise...
Sametime on Mac, Linux,
Sametime shows location... plugable architechure...New chat window... spellcheck in Sametime...Emoticons...
Screen capture support... File send support...
Voice chat is called VoiceJam. DEMO
There's this thing called communities that you can subscribe to...
Alert, FreeJam, InstantPoll, SkillTap...
Instant Poll demo
Google Maps will show location now in Sametime...and view results in realtime
Demo had users on Mac, Linux and Windows for Sametime...
Web Conference update demo...
You can update slides while meeting goes on...
Go from one set of slides seamlessly...

Mike is now talking real-time collaboration

Sametime connectivity now with AOL!
Sametime connectivity now with Yahoo!
Sametime conncetivity now with Google Talk!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike is back...

...and VP guy is leaving...

More from Opening session

Nokia Rim Intellisync Nokia.
Roaming user support/
Wanda: Notes stuff on a USB drive. "Real Roaming..." and yea, it's secure.
Enterprise integration
Lotus Notes and SAP integration.
Notes integration with SAP demo. Nice tight integration.
Blackberry Notes integration. Awareness with Blackberry. He's IMing a Blackberry. Nice demo.
Engineer guy just updated a Notes app from a Blackberry.
Now Google Desktop Search integration with with demo.

A shot at Microsoft

Kevin Lamb CFO of Plymouth Tube Co. is talking about his move from Exchange to Notes.
Over half a dozen announcements about mobile devices and Notes/Domino.

Ken Bisconti, VP of Lotus Software is hee...

He's showing the boxing glove ads...
What's the big idea? Innovation.
Notes 7 has over 100 features.
Some engineer is doing a demo of Notes 7 clent on the Macintosh. It looks like Notes on a Mac.
Support for Intel Apples later this year.

Mike Rhondin's back

He keeps using the phrase 'Real time'. Now he's talking about his kids. Everything we see today will be based off of stuff that we already have and use. He's also talking about openness.
Three the demos...
What's the big idea?
How can I use it?
when can I get my hands on it?

More from Jason

He's talking about how someone can make a film now. They aren't depending on big film houses to make, produce and release a movie.
He thanks us for making it possible for him to do his job.
Jason Alexander OUT!

More on Jason

He's talking about his role in 'Pretty Woman'. Now his role on 'Seinfeld'. When Seinfeld was first on the air, 'ALF' was the number one show. Now he's talking about the future. His mother made the funniest phone answering machine message. He's been traveling around the country doing Master Actor classes. He's now making parallels between the way IT works then vs now AND acting in Hollywood works then and now.

More on Jason

He's talking about his past. He went from braces to losing hair. Football story. He was 5 foot 5 and weighed over 200 pounds. He was great then. He intercepted a football, but never touched one before. He played defense. He through the football at the opposing team.

Jason Alexander is here!

Jason Alexander is here!

GM of Lotus Software Mike Rhodin comes out...

2005 numbers
Double digit growth. Customer satisfation is up. Over 125Million Notes licenses.
2895 Workplace customers triple digit growth.
6000 attendees this year..
"I hear that there are competitors in our audience. Welcome. I'm glad you came here to listen...and learn!"

Here we go...

A video montage talking about the future and the past. Sweet video. The future...

Welcome to Lotusphere

I'm sitting with a few of my blogger friends getting ready for the Opening Session. I'm going to try to update the Pridelands as fast as I can with what is going on. Expect a lot of updates today. Short and quick will be the key to spreading the information.
Oh, and I'm using w.bloggar to update the blog this morning.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Let the Lotus Love begin

I've made it to Lotusphere! The trip here included sitting behind a large man in the airplane. Normally, this wouldn't be a big deal, but he decided to lean his chair back while I was using my laptop to watch 'National Treasure' on DVD. Nothing broke, but I couldn't finish it. I'm on my way to Disney's Boardwalk to partake in Turtle's annual Gonzo Party at ESPNZone. Party on!

Friday, January 20, 2006

It would have to snow now...

There's a WINTER STORM WATCH in the Detroit area from 10PM Friday until 10AM Saturday. During that range of time, there's a certain 'lion' that's departing for Lotusphere...

I don't know what's worse... worrying about the weather conditions or worrying about Osama bin Laden's latest threat...

Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Tag of Choice: Lotusphere2006

Both Greyhawk and Bruce Elgort mentioned to tag all of your blog entries (especially for technorati) and your pictures for Flickr to 'Lotusphere2006'.

Spread the word!!!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Do you like Starbucks Coffee? Then check this out!

Starbucks is offering everyone who stops in one of their stores on Thursday, January 19th, a FREE 12oz. cup of coffee!
Check it out by clicking here.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

I guess that my ego is in check...

Since many of you posted your results, I'd do it also. I'm no Greyhawk or Ed Brill, but I'm happy with me just the same.

"Isn't that what us unpopular kids say when we want to make ourselves feel good?"

Monday, January 09, 2006

DominoPower: A comparison of apples and oranges?

In the January 2006 issue of DominoPower, they have an article called 'What's really new with Domino Domain Monitoring?'. (In fact, it's the first article listed from the issue's home page.) In it, the author says this, "...I'll subject the new R7 DDM features to as objective analysis as I can." Oh, by the way, the author works for GSX Groupware Solutions, which he also mentions is "...arguably a competitor to Lotus' new Release 7 Domino Domain Monitor, so admittedly we do have something of a bias when it comes to Lotus' marketing claims for DDM."

Now I should have known from the beginning that this was a glorified ad for a product that GSX Groupware Solutions was selling, but I wanted to give the author the benefit of the doubt. I shouldn't have.

He used this 'marketing hype' versus 'reality' thing, but it seemed like he was comparing what was 'marketing hype' to sell the product to new customers versus his 'reality', which was just a look at the changes between previous versions and ND7. This is hardly a fair comparison.

The article had a subtitle of 'BUSINESS PARTNERS SPEAK OUT', so I guess that's how DominoPower can say that it was going to be a bit one-sided, but it should not have made that the first article of the issue. It wasn't a top news story, it was a marketing paper, plain and simple. Couldn't the Lotusphere article have been the top article?

I guess it's my fault for reading articles before I have my first coffee of the day.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Lotusphere 2006 on-line coming soon!

Ed Brill mentioned on his site that Lotusphere 2006 on-line will be up next week. He's taken a sneak peek at some of the presentations also, and commented on a couple of things. Check him out!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Coming back home to Blogsphere?

I've been using Blogger for a while now, and while it has some great features, it's no Blogsphere. I'm probably going to upgrade my machine that was hosting it soon (before Lotusphere), so I think that it's time to 'come home' to where I belong...Blogsphere!

My only question now is if anyone knows how to take posts from Blogger and import them into Blogsphere??? Bill Gates FEARS IBM!

I'm hoping to beat Ed Brill in commenting on this.

In this article on, Bill Gates states that despite all of the media hype, Google is not Microsoft's biggest competitor, but IBM.

The article further mentions how IBM, Toshiba, and Sony developed the Cell microprocessor that will go into the Playstation 3 game system. (Maybe should have waited, Greyhawk??? Nah! I wouldn't have either...)

Bill fearing IBM is not anything new to those of us working with Lotus Notes/Domino. Now the rest of the world knows. I wish they didn't. I liked the idea of IBM going 'under the radar' and popping Microsoft in the head while the rest of the world watched Google and thought that IBM was 'out of it'. It's like the IT version of the rope-a-dope.

As The Rock would say, "Microsoft, JUST BRING IT!"

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Oh, and Happy Birthday to ME!

Thirty-six years ago on this date at 3:29AM, I was born upon this beautiful planet and into the Great Circle of Life. It's suppose to be a time of reflection, but I'm trying to stay alive (read previous post). I guess I'll reflect more tomorrow...

If anyone wants to wish me a Happy Birthday, please feel free to comment (for anonymous posts, please leave your name).

For those of you that are going to be at Lotusphere 2006, I'm willing to take my gifts from you in liquid form.

Happy New Year...from the Warzone!

Happy New Year to everyone! In Detroit, idiots celebrate the new year by taking every weapon, bomb or stick of dynamite they can find and see if they can out 'bang' each other. This goes on for about 4 hours, and Detroit Police are too scared to do anything about it. All I know is that those of us that don't partake in this stupid activity are scared!

I soooo got to get out of here...